Why Choose Seymour

Boutique by Design

Seymour was founded on the shared belief that smaller is better. Small ensures clients receive personalized service and direct access to the firm’s partners. Small allows us to be nimble and provides a broader range of potential investment opportunities. Since 2010, we’ve built a reputation for targeting opportunities others may overlook. Boutique, independent and employee-owned, our disciplined, client-first approach helps clients build and preserve wealth through long-term capital appreciation.

Client focused, customized approach

At Seymour, our clients come first. Our experienced client service professionals are passionate about providing exceptional service and are empowered to do what’s best for clients. As a team, we work with clients to understand their unique circumstances and design bespoke investment plans.

Small means bigger opportunities

Many large managers can’t invest in smaller companies due to liquidity or size constraints. By virtue of our small and mid-cap expertise and our size, Seymour can capitalize on attractive investment opportunities in areas that are under followed.

Your investments, our investments

Our principles are simple. If an investment isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for our clients either. We distribute our products directly to clients to keep fees low and avoid potential conflicts of interest. Our partners are invested in the same funds we offer our clients, ensuring alignment.

Lower fees, greater transparency

High investment management fees can be a hidden tax on wealth accumulation. One percentage point may not sound like much, until you realize the difference in fees can add up to 20% over a couple of decades. For that reason, our fee structure is transparent and lower on average than many of our competitors.