Separately Managed Accounts

Clients with greater than $2M to invest can benefit from creating a tailored portfolio with a Separately Managed Account (SMA).

Our SMA portfolios are designed with many of the same companies found in our Funds. We also have significant experience enhancing client accounts with fixed income securities and exchange traded funds to provide bespoke solutions that can help meet specific client goals. Unlike our Pooled Funds, securities are directly owned, providing advantages in tax planning, portability and customization.

The management fee structure for Separately Managed Accounts is based on a declining scale as follows:

  • 1% on assets of less than $1 million;
  • 0.75% on assets between $1 million and $2 million; and,
  • 0.5% on assets greater than $2 million.

*In addition to the above-noted management fees, the client will incur custody fees of approximately 0.13% of invested assets.