Our Vision

A Letter from our Founder, Carl Hoyt

In 2010, we established Seymour Investment Management with the vision to create a leading client-focused investment boutique.

At the core of our organization is the belief that clients are best served by an employee-owned investment firm. Our small size empowers our employees to be entrepreneurial and nimble in responding to client inquiries and investment opportunities. Many of our staff joined at Seymour’s inception, favouring the less structured work environment & greater level of empowerment, which we believe has been a key factor in retention and delivering high quality client service. We continue to receive very favourable feedback from clients on our administrative staff and we are proud of their work. We believe that many of the brightest investment professionals want to be owners and the ability to attract and retain high-quality investment professionals is enhanced by offering the opportunity for ownership.

We work hard to preserve our corporate culture of investment excellence. We have been very disciplined maintaining our focus on Canadian Equities, where we have the most expertise and experience, and feel we can add the most value for clients. In our industry, there can occasionally be opportunities where marketing objectives can compromise the ability to optimize investment returns (i.e. spreading the investment manager too thin with multiple investment mandates). It is our hope and belief that solid, long-term investment returns in our areas of focus and superior client service will drive the marketing effort through referrals from happy clients.

We believe that fees are an important, but often overlooked tax on wealth accumulation. In our view, the prevalent industry fee structures are too high. Our fee structure is fair and transparent where the investment industry is generally reluctant to disclose fees.

We are aligned with our clients. At Seymour, we do our best to align our interests as Investment Managers with those of our clients by investing our personal capital in the same funds as our clients, and by limiting the size of our funds in order to ensure we remain nimble enough to capitalize on future opportunities.

– Carl Hoyt, President & CEO