The investment objective of the Seymour Performance Fund is to achieve superior risk-adjusted investment returns by investing primarily in small- and mid-capitalization Canadian equities. This is the area in which we believe we have the most expertise and the greatest competitive advantage by virtue of our relatively small size.

The Seymour Performance Fund owns a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 30 core names with a focus on well-managed companies with strong financial track records and free cash flow generation. The Fund typically holds only a modest weighting in resource companies. In addition to owning a core group of companies, a small portion of the Fund may be invested in event-driven transactions and initial public offerings. The Seymour Performance Fund should be viewed as more aggressive (higher risk and more volatile) than more conventional equity investments such as the Seymour Canadian Equity Fund.

The fee structure for the Seymour Performance Fund is based on an annual management fee of 1% of the net asset value, with an annual performance fee of 10% of any annual return over the hurdle rate of 7.5%.

The Seymour Canadian Equity Fund, Seymour Mid-Cap Equity Fund, and Seymour Performance Fund are distributed under available prospectus exemptions. As a result, only eligible investors such as accredited investors or investors who satisfy the minimum amount as defined by applicable securities legislation may invest in these funds.

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