The Seymour Mid-Cap Equity Fund invests primarily in mid capitalization Canadian companies and may hold selected small (less than $1 billion) and large capitalization companies. The Fund typically holds 20 – 30 individual securities with a focus on well-managed companies with solid financial positions and strong free cash flow generation. The Fund typically holds only a modest weighting in resource companies.

A key advantage of pooled funds is that they allow clients with smaller investment portfolios to access professional management at a reduced cost. Additionally, pooled funds may provide access to a wider range of investments than is typically feasible for the individual investor.

The fee structure for the Seymour Mid-Cap Equity Fund is based on an annual management fee of 1% of the net asset value.

The Seymour Canadian Equity Fund, Seymour Mid-Cap Equity Fund, and Seymour Performance Fund are distributed under available prospectus exemptions. As a result, only eligible investors such as accredited investors or investors who satisfy the minimum amount as defined by applicable securities legislation may invest in these funds.

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