Client Focus

At Seymour, we understand that every client’s circumstances are unique and that individual clients have different investment goals and time horizons. We take the time to understand a client’s unique investment needs and create customized investment portfolios that appropriately reflect individual investment objectives.

Investment Expertise

Portfolio Managers Carl Hoyt, Kelly Woodall, Kyle Harrison, and Anthony Werry have extensive backgrounds in the investment industry, with over 100 years of combined industry experience.

Meeting With Clients In Boardroom

In our view, some of the best investment opportunities in the Canadian equity market may be found in small and mid-capitalization equities. This is the area in which we feel we have particular expertise and the greatest competitive advantage by virtue of our relatively small size. We also believe that this is the least efficient part of the Canadian equity market and represents the greatest opportunity to uncover undervalued companies.

Active Management

Chris Hoyt typing on Keyboard

We employ fundamental analysis and a bottom-up approach to individual security selection. This implies that client portfolios may at times have very different compositions to that of the S&P/TSX Composite Index, against which many investment managers benchmark returns. We caution that most Canadian equity indices, including the S&P/TSX Composite Index, are heavily weighted toward resource investments. We believe that over the long term, superior risk-adjusted returns may be achieved with lower volatility by investing in diversified portfolios of 20 to 35 securities with modest commodity exposure.

Competitive Fee Structure

Investment management fees can have a significant impact on compounded investment returns over the long term. Seymour’s management fees are competitive and in most cases lower, when compared to other fee-based investment managers.

Independence / Team-Based Approach

As an independent, employee-owned investment boutique we foster an entrepreneurial culture and employ a team-based approach to investment management. We believe this structure allows us to attract and retain the best investment professionals and positions us to achieve superior risk-adjusted investment returns over the long run.

Manager Alignment

At Seymour, we do our best to align our interests as Investment Managers with those of our clients by only investing our personal capital in the same funds as our clients, by keeping fees low and by limiting the size of our funds in order to avoid liquidity constraints.

Governance / Oversight and Securities Custody

Seymour Investment Management does not directly hold investment securities. Custodial services are provided by Raymond James Ltd. and CIBC Mellon Trust Company. KPMG LLP provides professional audit services.

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