Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

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Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is a global asset manager with more than $150 billion in assets under management. Brookfield invests in long-life assets that generate steady cash flows including commercial real estate, power generation and infrastructure. Many of the company’s businesses have strong competitive positions and enjoy barriers to entry or restricted regulatory environments.

Investment Thesis
Brookfield has an outstanding track record of value creation for shareholders. The company has an exceptional management team, attractive operating platforms, specific expertise, and a long-term track record that attracts third-party capital, thereby allowing the company to leverage returns.

With a strong balance sheet, significant liquidity and access to third-party capital, Brookfield is well positioned to continue its strong track record of accretive growth. A disciplined and opportunistic buyer, Brookfield has historically created significant shareholder value through large, complex transactions requiring restructuring expertise. We believe the company is well positioned to take advantage of distressed opportunities that may arise in Europe and elsewhere given the global reach of its platform and the company’s restructuring expertise.

Financial Performance
Brookfield generates attractive risk-adjusted returns and targets 12-15% cash flow growth and total returns.

Valuation remains attractive with the shares trading at a discount to tangible net asset value, without consideration for its asset management business.

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