Portfolio Managers Carl Hoyt, Kelly Woodall, Kyle Harrison, and Anthony Werry have extensive backgrounds in the investment industry, with over 100 years of combined industry experience. We bring diverse backgrounds and experience to Seymour including experience in portfolio management, fundamental equity analysis, capital markets, institutional sales and trading.

Clients in Boardroom

Carl Hoyt, Kelly Woodall, and Anthony Werry have extensive experience managing institutional portfolios, which included Canadian Equity, High Yield Fixed Income, Equity Income, and Small Capitalization mandates.

In our view, some of the best investment opportunities in the Canadian equity market may be found in small and mid-capitalization equities. This is the area in which we feel we have particular expertise and the greatest competitive advantage by virtue of our relatively small size. We also believe that this is the least efficient part of the Canadian equity market and represents the greatest opportunity to uncover undervalued companies.

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