• We Don’t Try to Time the Market

    We believe investment returns can be maximized over the long term by following a buy and hold strategy.
  • Small and Mid Cap Expertise

    Some of the best investment opportunities in the Canadian equity market can be found in small and mid capitalization equities.
  • Small, Entrepreneurial & Independent

    “Attractive investment management organizations encourage decisions directed toward creating returns, not toward generating fee income. Such principal-oriented advisors tend to be small, entrepreneurial, and independent.” –David Swenson
  • Employee Owned Firm

    “Small, independent firms operate on the opposite end of the spectrum from large subsidiaries of financial services conglomerates. Appropriate firm size and sensible ownership structures contribute to superior investment results.” –David Swenson
  • Small, Independent Firm

    “Large, multiproduct, process-driven firms face the daunting hurdle of overcoming bureaucratic obstacles. Small, focused, independent firms with excellent people provide the highest likelihood of identifying the contrarian path to excellent investment results.” –David Swenson

Quarterly Reports

Investment communications designed to provide insight into our money management philosophy, process, and results.

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Why Choose Seymour?

At Seymour, we understand that every client’s circumstances are unique and that individual clients have different investment goals and time horizons. We take the time to understand a client’s unique investment needs and create customized investment portfolios.

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Anatomy of a Stock Purchase

At Seymour Investment Management our unique approach has enabled us to achieve superior risk-adjusted investment returns for the funds we manage and, ultimately, for our clients.

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